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On February 1, 2018, Pumchanut commented on Venmo: What’s Cash? :

Thank you for sharing. I always find fin-tech very fascinating. I think it will be very interesting to see Venmo expand their service coverage even further. I believe Tencent pioneered this already with WeChat. In China people not only make payment and send money using WeChat. The application also allow people to save money and earn interest. Furthermore, there is also an option for people to invest their money through WeChat. However, given the nature of the customer I’m not sure if Venmo could move into that direction. It will be interesting to see them partner with someone and offer such service.

On February 1, 2018, Pumchanut commented on Amazon | To Go Or Not To Go :

Thank you for your post. I completely agree that Amazon is definitely winning in many aspects of their business. It would be interesting to see how the shift from pure online to clicks and mortar work out fully for Amazon. Not only that they have Amazon Go they also have the Amazon books and Wholefoods. I’m unsure how the company will actually roll this out fully but it will definitely disrupt the retail industry even further. It will be interesting to see how a cash cow incumbent such as Walmart reacts to the situation.

On January 31, 2018, Pumchanut commented on Starbucks: a tech company or your neighborhood coffee shop? :

Thank you for sharing Kat. It is very interesting to see a retail player winning the era of massive uncertainty within a retail industry. Everyone seems to be talking about an omnichannel strategy and/or offline to online strategy but few actually found the right recipe. I think Kevin Johnson did very well in adjusting the core value of Starbucks with the digital trend. The strategy is still center around the company core assets which is the store network. The digital part of it allows the company to improve customer in-store experience e.g., order online in advance could save you time. Furthermore, he leverages technology to improve the loyalty program. Overall, I think Starbucks is doing remarkably well. It seems like for now the company has found the recipe to stay even more competitive with the support of technology.