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On March 23, 2017, michellebrous commented on Glossier: “What’s Your Dream Face Wash?” :

Great post, Lulu! I’m a Glossier customer and am in awe of how the company has been able to use its loyal readership to fuel its product development. What are your thoughts on trying to incorporate too much customer feedback into product development? Where do you draw the line? Many customers provide conflicting feedback and sometimes it can be difficult for products (especially in beauty) to do get everything done in one formula. Glossier prides itself in simplifying skincare, but at the same time, some of their products fall short on quality (i.e., Milky Jelly doesn’t remove waterproof mascara, generationG is hybrid lipstick/tint that doesn’t really give you the best lip coverage).

On March 23, 2017, michellebrous commented on 23andMe: Healing the World through Crowdsourcing :

Thanks for the post, Ali! I’m curious about your thoughts on the health services testing side of the business. Medical professionals are hesitant about serious health advice being delivered over the internet/not in person. They feel that there is a certain and more delicate way in which humans should be advised on their ongoing and future health. The 23andMe health test reveals predisposition to some pretty serious diseases — and this information is probably best delivered by a doctor, in-person. Do you think 23andMe has a role in ensuring medical diagnoses are delivered in a sound way (i.e., in person and from a medical professional that is trained in these interpersonal dynamics)?

On February 3, 2017, michellebrous commented on Mark 43: Redefining Law Enforcement in a Mobile World :

Great post and an interesting space! As law enforcement and sensitive government information becomes digitized, I’m curious to know what Mark43 has done to ensure that clients’ confidential information remains secure. Security breaches could pose a significant threat to police departments adopting the service.

On February 3, 2017, michellebrous commented on AMC Theaters: Remaining Relevant in the Digital Age? :

Great post! When people talk media disruption, they usually don’t touch on movie theaters first. While your suggestion to focus on “digital delivery” platform for films would be ideal for consumers, I think this would be difficult to achieve as movie theaters and film studios do all they can to defend the lucrative distribution moat the current film ecosystem has put in place. An alternative innovative approach could be to incorporate cutting edge technology into theaters — perhaps some AR/VR hardware and content initiatives? Would love to hear what you think.

On February 3, 2017, michellebrous commented on Sephora: Staying Relevant in Brick and Mortar :

Great post! I am a loyal Sephora VIB and did not know about some of these tech-enabled value-add services. While some seem more frivolous than others, it is really exciting to see a retailer with such a massive physical presence embracing the digital world. My question relates to brand/product disaggregation — some modern beauty brands have built a cult following by going direct to consumer (mostly online) or by establishing a viral social media presence (e.g., Glossier). How do you think Sephora will fare as beauty brands have additional channels to market and sell directly to their customers?