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This is a really exciting development for the pharma industry and future drug discovery. I am curious to understand how BenevolentAI has a competitive advantage over the other drug discovery startups using AI mentioned at the end of your post. Is this something that many companies are developing and seeing the benefits of or is BenevolentAI using the tech more successfully than others?

This is a really interesting use of technology to drive retail sales in a smaller footprint. I would love to see how this technology could be applied to other retailers of items such as fashion or furniture so they can reduce their inventory carrying cost, real estate investment, and improve customer experience to better compete with online retailers.

On January 29, 2018, KatFranklin commented on “Put your Money where your Mouth is” :

Interesting topic. It is hard to allocate Domino’s success to its improved technology or its improved pizza quality, but it is great to see a CEO make changes to grow the business across multiple fronts. While Domino’s has taken a bet on self driving cars, their competitor Pizza Hut also announced a $130M investment in technology and advertising at the end of 2017. Their first announcement was a new pouch and delivery system that promised to deliver pizza 15 degrees hotter. It will be interesting to see how these competitors continue to create and claim value in the future.