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On March 22, 2017, Erik K commented on 99Designs of Logos on the Wall… :

Great post Gil! What are the main challenges you see for their future? Does their business model attract designers sufficiently to all projects, or are they specializing in one segment (e.g. top tier?) How do they compete against other design platforms?

On March 22, 2017, Erik K commented on Reddit: Managing the “Front Page of the Internet” :

Great post Michelle. One of the ways other platforms mitigate Micah’s so-called “rambunctious” user engagement is by requiring real identities and using social network log ins to hold real people accountable in their circles of friends. Why does Reddit allow for anonymity? Should they?

On February 2, 2017, Erik K commented on Fire Phone- Amazon’s $170 million Summer Fiasco :

Great post, thanks for writing it. I’m curious about what decisions Amazon should have made differently… should they have been Android OS rather than Fire OS and thereby have Fire become a hardware play? If they decided to do both software and hardware, is price the only way for them to have competed against Apple and Android’s established user bases? Did they launch (and give up) too quickly, before they created meaningful value? Or was it truly impossible for them to enter the mobile phone industry at that point in time given their broader strategy?

On February 2, 2017, Erik K commented on Nest: Falling Into The Chasm :

Really interesting post, thank you for writing it. I’m curious about the extent to which the lack of strong network effects for Nest (and for the IoT space more broadly) will lead to a highly competitive and unprofitable market. Specifically, the proliferation of “smart” devices and the subsequent commoditization of data as its collected by many players, the future does indeed seem bleak for Nest! What will “winning the Smart Home battle” look like? And of course, security is a huge concern, as you’ve mentioned

On February 2, 2017, Erik K commented on NVIDIA: How to win the “GPU wars” :

Great post, thank you for sharing it. NVIDIA’s growth is a remarkable story. I’m curious how sustainable or defensible their competitive edge is… When a new technology breakthrough inevitably finds itself further down the Moore’s Law cost curve, what will happen to NVIDIA if that breakthrough happens in another company?